Laura Wick Photography
A Few Of My Favorite Things
My Husband
I'm now married guys!! I couldn't imagine a life without this wonderful man. He is my high school sweet heart and my best friend and I am so excited to spend the rest of my days experiencing life's adventures with him.
My Dog
Meet Currens. She never ceases to make me laugh. She has so much energy but manages to use it to do the silliest of things. She's a cutie.
My Other Dog
Meet Ace. My new Husky Puppy! Well he's not really a puppy anymore but he always will be in my heart. Let me tell you, I am OBSESSED with husky's. I love them to death!
I want to explore the world. If am able to make it happen, I would love to visit a least one new country every year. I grew up traveling, and my need to explore never fades.
I love hiking to the top of mountains to see the amazing view at the top. Somehow those views never get old. My biggest accomplishment so far was hiking the 14ner Mt Lincoln in Colorado. Best view by far.
Twinkle Lights
There is something about hanging out with friends and family on a warm summer night surronded by twinkle lights that makes me so happy. I also love seeing them wrapped around a Christmas tree in December. Some of my favorite memories are from staying up at night with hot chocolate enjoying the lit up Christmas tree.
Coffee Shops
And the coffee that goes with them! Now I am not referring to Starbucks. I love the individually owned shops and experiencing their unique atmospheres and vibes. They are my favorite places to edit photos so you will probably find me there editing your photo shoot. :)