Laura Wick Photography
A Little Bit About Me
Fun Fact: I am a cookie monster.
Hi there! I am Laura Wick Maxwell. A wedding photographer based in Seattle, WA but don't worry I will travel wherever needed. :) To start off, here are a few random facts about me. I love traveling and of course photographing every moment of it. My favorite season of the year is fall. Exploring nature, feeling summer's cool breeze, gazing at the stars, and listening to the sounds of the ocean are some of my favorite things. I am a newlywed. Yay! And we are obsessed with our two dogs Ace and Currens. Now that you know a few of my quirks, I will move on to my backstory. I first gained an interest in photography when I was little, I just hadn't realized it yet. I traveled around the states with my mom, and every trip we took I had to capture pictures to put in a photo album when I got home. We now have lots of shelves filled with photo albums and I absolutely love it! My love for photography grew when I became a teenager. I became obsessed with taking pictures using my friends' DSLR cameras. And when I received my very own DSLR my passion for photography grew even more. Later I decided to pursue photography as a career. I know how much I love flipping through those old photo albums and reliving some of my favorite moments, so I wanted to provide that opportunity to others. So here I am today, doing one of my favorite activities and capturing memories that will last a lifetime.