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Photography Takes an instant out of time...
Altering life by holding it still.
- Dorothea Lange
Meet Laura
Hello there! I'm Laura Wick. I love photographing people, traveling to new places, and drinking coffee. My favorite season of the year is fall. Enjoying nature, feeling summer's cool breeze, gazing at the stars, and listening to the sounds of the ocean are some of my favorite things. I first gained an interest in photography when I was little, I just hadn't realized it yet. I traveled around the states with my mom, and every trip we took I had to capture pictures to put in a photo album when I got home. My love for photography grew when I became a teenager. I became obsessed with taking pictures using my friends' DSLR cameras. And when I received my very own DSLR my passion for photography grew even more. I love capturing precious memories and hope that I can do the same for you. Nothing makes me happier than giving someone a cherished memory that they can look back at for the rest of their life.
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Laura Loves...
Natural, simple, and on the lookout for adventure.
Summer Storms!
...Dark Colors
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Wedding Packages
Starting at $1100
Engagement Packages
Starting at $300
Lifestyle Packages
Starting at $150
Please see the contact form to inquire about a detailed pricing list.
If you want to schedule a shoot for an event or just want to make an inquiry about one of our packages, please use the contact form below. The more information you give us, the better we can meet your requests.
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  1. Do I automatically have the rights to my photographs at the end of the session?
    Yes, you have the rights to your images!
  2. How long is a photo session normally?
    1- 1 1/2 hours!
  3. Do we pick out what photographs we receive?
    No, the photographers pick out the best photographs from the session.
  4. How many photographs will I receive of my wedding day?
    It varies on which package is chosen. But typically, you will receive 400+ professionally edited photographs!
  5. How many photographs will I receive of a regular photography session?
    Normally, you will receive 50 professionally edited photographs. Although, if you need something more customized, we will work with you!
  6. Will my photography session be featured on your blog?
    Yes! Always! There will also be a "Sneak Peek" on our Facebook page as well.
  7. Do you offer videography?
    No, but we would be happy to refer you to our favorite videographers!
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